• Our History

In 1972 three people wanted to solve a problem.

In 1971 Judge Doug Matheson had a conversation with Pastor Harry Meadows about the lack of affordable housing for seniors. From that conversation Bissell Housing Corp. was born.  Doug asked Reg Appleyard, a young CA, to join the Board and a search for land and financing began.  In 1972 Matheson Seniors Highrise (originally called Meadowcroft) opened its doors.

The highrise was built with a provincial grant of $1,373,358 and has 420 suites offered to low income seniors.

In 1977 we purchased Brentwood Homes, adding 176 units of family housing, it was financed with a 100% loan and an operating agreement from CMHC.  In the same year we started our first rent geared to income subsidy program for low income families living at Brentwood.

Brentwood Homes was expanded in 1980 adding 31 more infill units with an additional 100% loan and an operating agreement from CMHC.

In 2006 we made our first steps into reducing our carbon footprint.  The high rise uses two heating systems one to heat the suites and a second to heat the common areas.  As these systems were being replaced we converted the common area heating system to geothermal.

In 2011 we built an in-fill apartment building at Brentwood. The 29 unit building was the first attempted net-zero residential building in the Edmonton area.  Once again the government helped us out with a $2,200,000 Provincial grant. The building utilizes 29 green technologies including geothermal heat, solar PV and thermal panel heating.


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